The human body is the supreme creation of this entire world. In every pore of it ooze specialties. At the root of the body’s gross activities/functioning various miraculous specialties brim forth. When this gross material nature oriented portion of the human body made of 5 gross elements is so stupendous then its subtle existence’s potency is is byond the ken of our limited imagination. The fact of the matter is that the gross is totally dependent on the grace of subtle. This fact is showcased by the body’s very important unit called hormones. Not only do hormones design our activities and both outer-inner personalities but that due to their compassion important invisible capacities like life force, Prana energy, yearning to live as long as possible, emotions, sensitive nature, onrush etc become well developed and advanced.

The above scientific fact exhibits the deep import of the hidden mysterious subtle existence in the deep cave of the visible gross. But chiefly mankind has witnessed only the activities of the gross world and its nature and has mainly got influenced only by it. Many delusions harbored within along with grief/sorrow endured are the reactions of imbibing a superficial gross viewpoint only. The dire reaction of focusing our attention to only external mundane pleasure comforts/facilities is that our inner subtle energy founts and capacities got dried up. It is the stature of our inner core sensitivities that decide our external physical health status. The external form of trees can no doubt be noted in the form of fruits-flowers blooming on them yet at the fount of this external grandeur the existence that is at work dwells in its roots growing underground not seen by us. This definitely holds true for the bodily physical health too. The dry listlessness of the psyche to which are associated mental distortions noted in a person who despite oozing with good bodily health shall yet be called sick from the spiritual belief standpoint. The importance here is regarding these subtle unseen distortions that are invisible to our gross eyesight.


In the past many decades western allopath medical therapy has advanced with immense swiftness. For various illnesses and diseases life saving drugs has been unearthed. No doubt ailing humanity has accrued health benefits as a result of this. Modern scientists researching with diligent effort have opened such new aspects of healing and therapies that was previously totally unknown to us all. The human body has been studied very deeply. Via research studies in the arena of anatomy and physiology man grasped the all encompassing knowledge of bodily designing and its mode of functioning. A form has been placed before us all when due to disease attacks the body gets distorted and hence in order to heal it a medical therapy has been designed. The research studies of modern science has reached peaks since right from Sir Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin to today’s unearthing of antibiotics that kill disease causing microbes etc a lot of advancement in allopath mode of therapy has been witnessed. Despite all these attainments in the immense efforts made by material scientists of modern times a basic error has occurred. Whether medicines are taken via mouth (capsules etc) or via injections into the blood stream etc yet they do not reach very subtle centers of the body. These allopath medicines have relegated themselves merely to warding off symptoms of various diseases i.e. allopath has become virtually a symptomatic therapy. As a result of this apart from some aspects of surgical healing western allopath therapy does not give a permant cure for various diseases. This undesirable situation has manifested simply because we have failed to realize the deep import of the subtle and despite being aware of proof regarding the great power of subtle we negate and ignore it at our peril. Despite the most modern healing methods for various diseases being available the number and measure of diseases has augmented alarmingly the world over. In allopath therapy when one disease is cured a new one erupts as side effect of the allopath medicine administered. Thus in the name of healing only despair is our lot.