What is Site Build It!?

What is “Site Build it”? Site Build It is the Complete Package of Tools and Guide that will take you by hand and help you Build A Web Site “That Works.”

It is a Blueprint for Success. What you get in “The Complete Package”? It depends whether you are a “Newbie or an expert Webmaster.” It gives you the proven ability to take charge and “Go out and Get it” attitude.

It provides the process that works. It is a complete set of integrated tools – every thing you need to design your Dream website to excel in your business.

It takes your business to the top 1% to 3% of Online Businesses!

No matter how experience or non experienced you are, You will have more than just the skills to build a web site, a growing online Business and you will continue to grow your business, your profits.

What “Site Build it” gives you? It gives you an Action guide, a Master guide to Create a Successful Web Site.

It’s explains the business model based on rules of Content -> PREsell -> Traffic -> Monetize
It helps you find your Niche and helps understand the concept of your site by giving examples.
It the helps Brainstorm your Niche project to find the profitable Keywords. Then it Guides you to find the proper Web Site name for your Niche business idea.
It does not stop here. Site Build It then helps you build the contents and web pages it then Web Hosts your Web Site.

It automatically submits your web pages to various Search engines and major directories.

It helps submit your site to TOP Search engines to take business to “World Wide Web”. This is where Site Build It excels.

When you are building your web pages it Analyzes them and then guides you to make them better to “The Point of Perfection!”

No Search Engine expertise required– no expensive tech, Web, or graphic consultants are necessary.

The complete set of Tools makes it simple to Site Build “IT.”

Although SBI! is compatible with all Proprietary Web Design software, it helps if you are more technically inclined to appreciate it better.

Once you have achieved you goal of Preselling your site and have Traffic built up, Site Build It (SBI!) helps you Monetize your site.
Its major goal to make you Successful and Monetarily Prosperous. It has various means to offer to achieve this goal for you.

Once you follow the outlined Tips auto verkopen Guidelines this process is also done Automatically.

So to put it in a nutshell,” Site Build It! is the Complete Package of software for Interenet business site building and establishing your Internet business.

It then takes your business into top 1% to 3% of all the internet businesses. With this Complete Package. “The Sky is the limit”

Why this The Complete Package? It also provides web site hosting, catch-all e mail accounts, Top search engines submission, pay-per-click directory account manager, Traffic Tracker and complete business analysis services. It registers even your Domain name.

On top of all that Site Build It! provides multiple publications, ezines and news letters to enhance your knowledge in marketing, copy writing, site optimizing and even fostering new friendship with other SBIers!! Most of them are free and some are at a very affordable Price.

It also provides online courses to make your self more familiar with the Web Site Creation and Maintenance.

Site Build It’s Major strength is its Forum and Customer Support. They are un-matched by any other organization I have had an experience to deal with on-line.

Mr. Ken Evoy takes personal interest in every operation of Site Build It! This is apparent by seeing his presence and active participation in each every Thread of Forums.

I was amazed at a response for my question I had pasted on the forum. This response was from none other then Mr. Ken Evoy!! I had just bought my Site Build It package then. I am very impressed and even amazed at the humble and understanding response I got from the Customer Service people. They will stay with you until your problem is resolved and they are very prompt in there Response I might add.

Since I have bought Site Build It! I have seen constant improvements in the program. Mr. Ken Evoy sends resource filled e-mails several times a month mentioning various topics, enhancements, promotions and e-zines.

Other suggestions along with asking for our input to help him better the product!! He is constantly thriving to make this product the best and extremely user friendly.

Every < B>gets “it.” Only the Definition of it varies. “It” may be:

a profitable on-line business The satisfaction of being known and respected in niche you love

The financial security comes from multiple growing streams of income.

No matter what the definition, “freedom” is always a big part of “it.” “It” is possible, no matter what “it” is? That is why we often talk about the “Special free-dom prize” inside SBI!”