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(We all need Strong Minds!) “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered you will never grow.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The most important asset one can have is a strong mind. Forget all the material things many think are so important and would be lost without; a strong mind is really what we all need in life.

Wars, terrorism, bullying, controlling people, racism, bigotry, are all just symptoms of people with weak minds. The world would be a better place if we all had strong minds and resulting self-confidence. If our leaders had and acted from, strong minds our quality of life would be quintessential.

People with strong minds have clarity. They know who they are and what they believe. People with strong minds are not threatened by new and different ideas, welcome debate, and are open to better solutions with healthy input from experts.

People with strong minds don’t participate in jealousy (you have what I want) because they believe in themselves, and can create in their life what is important to them or switch their attitude to appreciate what they have created. Jealousy is a waste of time and symbolizes a weak mind.

People with strong minds don’t judge people. They know their judgments speak more about the person judging and nothing about the person being judged.

Minds Over Business

People with strong minds don’t blame. They have the courage to take responsibility for their actions.

People with strong minds can apologize. They know it is not a sign of weakness.

People with strong minds can forgive. Forgiving first, helps the forgiver!

People with strong minds have embarked on a path of self-exploration with mentors to really know who they are and what is important to them. They know how to say No to what doesn’t work and Yes to what does work. They don’t waste their time with people pleasing. They can ask for help when they need help; not subscribing to “I am omnipotent”.

People with strong minds have integrity! Strong minds know stepping on someone’s face to accomplish their own goals doesn’t work. They know they need to help others to help themselves.