Top Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Moisturizers and Cleansing Agents

Another group of remedies that will help to get rid of acne is lumped together as moisturizers and cleansing agents. These agents can be natural products or more commercial type products and they are proven to be effective in acne treatment. Because many of the treatments tend to dry the skin a good quality moisturizer is important to maintain skin health. Cleansing agents that include salicylic acid are especially helpful to limit the population of skin bacteria that are a factor in the formation of acne lesions. These products used on a regular basis help to fight the symptoms of acne.


In order to get rid of acne, the sufferer typically will use a variety of treatment modalities. This can occur because the level of the acne varies due to other factors. Either oral or topical antibiotics are the mainstay of many treatment programs for the condition of acne. The antibiotics attack the bacteria found normally on the surface of the skin that have been linked to their presence in the materials that constitute blackheads and whiteheads. Blue light is another way to reduce the bacteria count without the necessity of messy creams and lotions such as topical antibiotics.

Monitor Hormone Level

Another way to get rid of acne is perhaps the most complicated method. It requires taking and monitoring the results of blood tests. The theory behind hormone treatment is to reduce the level of stress hormones present in the body. The link between stress hormones and acne outbreaks is well documented. The difficulty with this method of acne control is that it required more precise monitoring to document the level of hormones so that the secretion can be fine tuned. The advantage of this type of treatment is that is often successful when other types of treatment have failed.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition plays a somewhat ambiguous role in the attempt to get rid of acne. While getting adequate levels of the needed vitamins and minerals required for healthy living, there is no proof that taking a particular supplement will prevent acne. You should definitely consume a diet that provides the necessary nutrients and some of these vitamins and minerals are particularly effective in providing for healthy skin. Give preference to a full and complete nutritionally balanced diet, but nutritional supplements can help to fill in any gaps in nutrition.