Top 5 Plastic Containers for Candy Stores

Some of the fist things candy store owners stock up on – or, should stock up on – are wholesale plastic containers. These bins are excellent fixtures for display various kinds of candy, and thanks to their durability and versatility, they offer plenty of uses (such as organization and storage) long after they’ve served their purpose as display tools.However, the term “plastic containers” is rather generic; it encompasses a mind-blowing number of different kinds of plastic and acrylic display fixtures. How’s a new candy store owner to choose?Below are five of the top plastic containers for candy stores, complete with information about what makes them so useful. 1. Use Fish Bowls to Display Wrapped CandyFish bowls are some of the most common kinds of plastic display fixtures among the various kinds of retail establishments and other businesses, and this is undoubtedly thanks to their versatility. If you want to display candy with fish bowls, opt for wrapped candy. Because they generally don’t have lids, fish bowls don’t provide any kind of protection for the candy (aside from holding it all in one place), so it’s best to display candy that already has the protection of a wrapper.2. Display Unwrapped Candy With Hinged Lid Plastic ContainersYour candy store undoubtedly sells unwrapped candy, and plastic containers with hinged lids (or any other kind of lid) work best to display these sweets. Not only can these lids help keep the candy fresh, but they can also help keep it safe from dust and other debris.Of course, when you’re display unwrapped candy, you also have to consider ways for your customers to retrieve the candy they want without contaminating the rest of it. You can always pair these display fixtures with other accessories like scoops or tongs, or you can search for fixtures that already include such accessories (see below).3. Acrylic Bins With Scoops Help Keep Candy CleanAcrylic bins with scoops are great fixtures for displaying unwrapped candies. In addition to a scoop that helps customers retrieve the candy they want without contaminating the rest of it, these bins generally also include lids that help keep the candy fresh and safe from dust and other debris. 4. Add Visual Appeal With Colored Acrylic BinsColored acrylic bins make it easy for candy store owners to add a bit of pizzazz to their candy displays. You can find these bins in various translucent colors and use them to create special displays using colors that represent the current season or holiday, as well as colors that represent your town’s or city’s local high school, college, or professional sports team colors!5. Plastic Stackable Containers Help Save SpaceLike fish bowls, plastic stackable containers usually don’t include any flashy visuals or extra accessories for retrieving unwrapped candy or for keeping it fresh and clean; however, these containers to include ridges specifically designed to allow you to “stack” them one on top of the other. These are excellent display fixtures for candy stores that need to make the most of their display space!