The Many Advantages Of A Cat Tree or Scratching Post

There are many kinds of scratching posts, climbers, activity centres and cat trees available. They all will encourage natural scratching behaviour. The design, colour or size you decide to buy will probably be decided by your budget and the available space you have. Nevertheless you should choose one which features catnip, tough sisal for scratching and playing, along with a post for claw maintenance. Other features include high places to help your cat to rest and observe it’s surroundings, snug hide-aways to supply some quiet time, or dangling toys, feathers and balls to enhance play.

Location – It’s recommended that you place your cat scratching post or activity centre in a very busy room that is utilised by all your family, or where your cat spends many hours. Put the post where your cat likes to scratch – such as beside a sofa, chair or curtains.
Size – The scratching post should be tall just enough for your cat to stretch out and claw on. This stretches the muscles of your cat and keeps them active and healthy. Your scratch post ought to be secure, ensuring that it does not topple over! So you ought to pick a heavy or large cat post in the event you have a large cat.
It is simple to encourage your cat to use a scratch post. They will most likely make use of it anyway, but if not you can entice your cat into using it by playing with them right next to your cat post. Rubbing catnip directly into the post or rewarding your cat with treats are more good tips. Attaching toys around the post is definitely going capture their interest.
Lastly, together with the benefits the cat tree or activity centre gives to your cat, what would be more entertaining or rewarding than seeing your loved pet enjoying themselves at rest and at play around the cat activity centre?