The Ever Increasing Demand of Assisted Living

With today’s baby boomers on their way towards retirement,The Ever Increasing Demand of Assisted Living Articles assisted living is becoming an ever more sought out service. Senior’s are seeing alternatives to traditional and institutionalized Nursing Homes, the answer is wide array assisted living services provided in residential assisted living facilities and adult group homes. Arizona is among one of the top states chosen for assisted living due to its year round climate and healthcare services available to seniors. Many seniors are not aware with of the Arizona assisted living housing options available, this is why senior placement agencies are in high demand, for the educational services they offer in placing a senior in the appropriate environment. Phoenix assisted living facilities and group homes are some of the most sought out after facilities in the state of Arizona due to the convenient location near all major hospitals and freeways.

So what are the available assisted living housing options?

The most popular and available senior care housing option in Arizona at the moment are adult group homes, or also known as residential assisted living homes. These are single family residences usually located in a neighborhood, most you won’t even know are care facilities since the Department of Health does not allow for signage in front of these properties. Licensed by the Arizona Department of Health, assisted living homes in Arizona offer housing and senior care from five to ten residents. A typical resident gets either a private or shared-room living in a home like atmosphere with other seniors. Typical services include medication management and administration, assistance with daily living activities like bathing, grooming, meal preparation, mobility, ordering supplies and medications, laundry services and more. Assisted living facilities in Arizona do not offer high skilled nursing care, nor are they staffed with doctors or physical therapists like Arizona nursing homes are. Residents can however have a visiting doctor, podiatrist or physical therapist to the group home.

How much does assisted living cost?

Many families and seniors are not aware that Arizona offers some of the most affordable assisted living services within the nation. The cost of care begins from $1,500 per month and has an average monthly rate of $2,500. Compare this with other states like California, New York or Washington and you’re looking at cost saving of 60% or more. The cost of senior care services in Phoenix assisted living homes does increase as a resident ages and becomes more dependent of higher levels of care. This is why a lot of Arizona group homes will quote a price and refer to the term, “depending on the level of care”.

Assisted living facilities versus Nursing Homes, what is the difference?

Arizona nursing homes and assisted living facilities do share many similarities, for example both offer assistance with daily living activities, medication management, direct care, supervised care and personal care. Both Arizona assisted living facilities and nursing homes offer around the clock supervision with trained staff offering residents assistance even at night. The major difference which separates Arizona nursing homes from any other kind of assisted living facility or group home, is that nursing homes do offer skilled nursing care, and an onsite doctor, physical therapist and other trained staff ready to provide medical care. Assisted living facilities or adult group homes act as a bridge between living at home and in nursing homes. Most seniors do not require high levels of medical care , but they cannot live home alone and are beyond the point of hiring in-home care agencies to offer part time services like meal preparation.