Talking About Modular Homes

Modular homes are any home in which 80 to 95% of it is built in a factory. It is constructed in sections or modules. These modules are transported to a building site,Talking About Modular Homes Articles placed on conventional foundations and assembled, where construction is completed. Unlike stick-built or site-built homes, modular building techniques are used, the on-site builders involvement is limited to excavation, final grading, construction of a suitable foundation, interior and exterior wall finish, HVAC hookup and connection to utilities.Modular Homes are NOT trailer homes, or mobile homes. Modular Homes are built to local building codes, not to the less stringent HUD code used by mobile home companies. There are no axles or telltale signs to indicate that a home is modular.

Can I tell the difference between a Modular Home and one constructed onsite?

You can’t unless you see the house being constructed. There are no telltale seams, beams or lines, unless the builder used antiquated techniques. Modular builders use the same materials and used when constructing a site built home. When a home is completed you cannot distinguish between the two.Aren’t the walls and materials lower quality?Absolutely not. Modular homes are constructed with 2×6 walls, and stronger materials so that the home can tolerate the rigors of being transported hundreds of miles. Most modular home factories use national brand name products to further enhance the quality of the finished product.