Structured Cabling for All Your Technology Needs

Always having those annoying technological problems with your phone system or internet? Technology should be a joy. With the Internet we have the sum of all human knowledge at our fingertips. It’s a sadly common experience then that many people’s relationship with the digital sphere is one of frustration and annoyance. Data cabling equipment and services can give you back that sense of wonder.As the years have passed since the appearance of the Internet, more and more of us are relying on its large array of uses and also expecting high quality speeds in order to not disrupt our busy schedules. The pressure for better connectivity has seriously increased and become a high priority amongst both internet and network cabling providers. Fibre optic cabling is taking the place of the old copper wires. With its faster connection speeds and greater carrying capacity, it is the fast lane. The fibre optic data cabling is a particular technology that uses glass threads to submit data. The cable allows high speeds and reduced data loss over greater distances, therefore improving your network cabling system. Fibre optic cables come in two different types to suit your internet needs, single mode and multi mode. A multi mode cable can transmit data up to lengths of 300m at 1000 mega bites per second and single mode cables can be used when even larger distances are needed!

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Half the problems come about due to ignorance; people don’t know what type of cabling they should be buying when they set up their Internet connections. The average person is advised to install either a CAT5 or a CAT5e cable, as they provide up to 350m. However, for those who need higher speeds it would actually be more beneficial to opt for the CAT6 cable, with up to 550m or even the new CAT7 cable with up to 1000m.Most of us aren’t technical experts and we’ll just sign up with BT and get back to unpacking the boxes. However, did you know there are dozens of service providers all with offers, such as free installation, free call outs and often even cheaper rates? The types of phone systems businesses can choose from include the simple analogue/PSTN, a simple phone or fax line designed for receiving just one call at a time, ISDN2 – similar to the basic analogue line, only this can receive two calls as opposed to one. Alternatively there is the option of the ISDN30; often used for slightly larger businesses this system has a minimum of 8 channels and a maximum of 30. There are also a wide range of handsets to choose from. For instance, the new Toshiba Strata CIX40 is perfect for smaller or start up companies, featuring a state of the art voice mail system, with 360 mailboxes and 40 hours worth of storage, allowing businesses to present a highly professional image towards their clients, no matter what their size.