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There are many ways to promote your web site. Some are expensive and some
are time consuming. Here are a few ideas on ways to promote your site that
are both quick and free. Watch for future articles that will include further
effective promotion ideas.

Always Put Your Web Site in Your email Signature: Create a professional
email signature that includes your URL and either your motto, a quote or a
tiny tidbit of information about your business. Make sure to make it
interesting; you want them to click on your link. Include it in all your
email messages; you’d be surprised who might click on your link and be
interested in what you have to offer. Also, include your URL on your
business cards, stationery and any other printed information you have.

Link & Banner Exchanges: A link or banner exchange is a great way to
increase the links to your page (a sure way to climb the search engines’
rankings). However, because you are exchanging a banner, you may lose some
of your visitors to other sites.

TIP: Have the link open a new window separate from your site.
That way if your visitor
gets sidetracked, she won’t lose you.

Nevertheless, it is a free and viable option for increasing your traffic
and your ranking. But…

Whom Do You Exchange With?:

1. Other Home Based Business People: Find the web sites of other home
Based Business people and ask them to exchange a banner with you.

Choose someone who ranks high on a search engine. Perhaps,
they will scoff at the idea of exchanging a banner with your site which
ranks 9999 out of 10000, but it sure doesn’t hurt to ask. Besides, you
won’t be 9999 for long!

2. For Party Plans Limited to a Particular Country: Exchange a link or
banner with a
fellow consultant from another country if you are limited to sales in
your own country. This
is a link that you could easily place front and centre on your home
page. You can
put the corresponding country’s flag as a link and say “Canadian
Visitors Enter Here” (for
example). It will be clear if people should follow the link to the
other page. If people click on this
link, you aren’t losing customers. They are obviously from another
country and cannot order from
you. Providing such a link is useful information to your visitor and
she will be directed to the
appropriate country’s site.

3. WAHM Web Pages: many Work at Home Mom themed web pages offer free
banner exchanges. Take advantage of these, but place it on your “Links”
page. It should not be front and centre because:

· You may lose your visitor

· You will not be front and centre on their web page

Check out these free banner exchanges:

Of course: (your banner will
always be shown on the Links page)

WAHM (your banner will receive one
exposure for every two exposures of the WAHM Exchange on your site)

Moms banner will
receive one exposure for every two exposures of the WAHM Exchange on your

The Mom Pack (see this site to find other
free banner exchange resources)

WAHM Tips (free link exchange)

Moola Mom

4. Sites that Compliment Your Web Page Content – Exchange
links with sites that
compliments yours. For example, if you sell children’s
products – exchange with a parenting site. If
you sell kitchen supplies – exchange with a recipe site. You
may have to approach these sites
and ask them if they are interested in a link exchange.

Choosing Meta Tags – Choosing good keywords for your site is a time
consuming, but an imperative and worthwhile venture (see article in Building
a Web Site). If you don’t know what meta tags are, don’t fret, we will learn
about them in detail soon.