SEO Sydney – One Week Pagerank Boost

competition. This will give you an idea of the words that you can target. You should aim for Primary and Secondary keywordtargets. So in this instance we will aim for “SEO Sydney” and derivatives as well as “Using Google Keyword Tool” and “Free SEO Tips”.

Next you have to write at least 500 words on the topic for your keywords. They must be original, and they must offer something of value to the reader. You get bonus points for being provocative, clever, funny, outlandish etc. In this example here are some topics we could go with

Why SEO Sydney is the best
How SEO Sydney is better than SEO Melbourne
How to make the most out of SEO in Sydney
Where to find unique SEO opportunities in Sydney
The ten commandments of SEO in Sydney

How Google sucks at SEO in Sydney

And so on. In your 500 word article do as much original research as you can. Find out what other people have written on the topic and link to them. Try to write in a magazine style, with bold words on the important facts. Try to draw some kind of a conclusion about the state of your topic. Try to include your keywords as consistently as possible. You MUST use the keywords in the article title, in the first sentance, and in the meta description.

Post the article on your website. For at least one of your keywords, but at most three, link back to the front page of your website.

Post the article on stumbleupon, digg, mixx, delicious, facebook and twitter.

If you are feeling energetic, write a second piece, of about 200 words, and post that to your website too. Make it on the same topic. Make sure that every link in your second piece links to your first.

Place two links in the footer of your website, or at least at the bottom of every page. One to your article and a second from to the root domain. Both links will use the same keywords as the anchor. This increases the relevancy of your keywords to your website.

Day Two – Primary Links

Today you are going to get as many primary links as you can back to your original article AND your website.