Magician Brisbane, Magic Glen Reveals How To Become a Magician

This is specifically on how a child can learn to become a Magician and how to entertain with magic. I will base that information on my working life as a Brisbane Magician and entertainer based in Brisbane Australia. Some countries will have different approaches to becoming a Magician and entertainer.The ideas that I will give may not be suitable for all countries,Magician Brisbane, Magic Glen Reveals How To Become a Magician Articles however the basics of learning entertainment to be a Magician should be the same world wide.

I am assuming that the children or kids already have an initial interest and magic and may already know some basic magic tricks, if not, a good source of information on learning magic tricks can be sourced from your local library. Here in Brisbane Australia, the local library has a complete section devoted to learning magic tricks, there are books from the beginner level magician to the more advanced level magician. I suggest this is a good cheap starting point and it will get the child involved in learning some easy magic tricks. There are also many online websites that teach magic so if you do a Google search for ‘simple easy magic tricks for kids’ this will bring up a whole load of magic tricks to get you going. I also have a page on my website which is devoted to teaching magic tricks, so try to Google Magic Glen or go to Youtube and search for Magic Glen because I have uploaded some really cool simple magic tricks that are ideal for kids and with these tricks alone you would be able to put on a pretty good magic show.

I have included coin tricks and card tricks and magic tricks with general items that you already have at home. You can also purchase magic entertainment DVD’s that will teach you magic but for a beginner lets stick with the free methods.

Ok, so you have gone to the library or you have been online and searched for magic glen or simple magic tricks for kids and you have a whole load of tricks up your sleeve now.

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You will need to start small and choose say six magic tricks that you like most.

Now practice, practice, practice and once you can remember all the magic tricks you are half way to being a good Brisbane Magician. The other important side of things is getting up your confidence to put on your first show. Start small and just have your family members around for your first show. They will be able to help and support you and give you ideas so that when you are ready for the big show you will be feeling confident, because that is important. Don’t worry about being a little be nervous. I was very nervous when I did my first magic show at my birthday party in fact I was nervous when I did my first 6 magic shows but the more you perform the better you get and the more comfortable you feel.

As a Brisbane magician and entertainer now I don’t feel at all nervous because I have dome 1000’s of magic shows, entertained 1000’s of children and I really like entertaining children and adults. It will not take you too long before you also become a good children’s magician and who knows maybe you will get your own TV show if you practice hard enough. I hope you do.

Well I hope this helps on those first steps to becoming a magician. Learning magic is a lot of fun and everyone likes to see some magic tricks. Just remember to keep the secrets to yourself. When I started out as a Brisbane Magician I was just a young person like you, so if I can do it so can you.