Kung Fu Fighting Styles

Whenever we talk about kung fu, we know it entails various styles. Within this post, we’ll tackle the 3 frequent styles involved in kung fu – the monkey, tiger, and dragon. Kung fu is truly recognized on the what sects, schools, or families it had been originally becoming practiced. The kung fu styles had been developed era right after era of fighting techinques practice. What is essentially taught in kung fu is self defence, therefore it may be said that this form of style is invaluable for the reason that location. The wide selection of kung fu styles or techniques can be usually categorized into external and internal ones. Internal styles execute the manipulation of ‘qi’. The phenomenon of ‘qi’ is described as the power which flows inside living beings. The external kung fu styles, on the other hand, targets on the development of muscles and improving heart function.

Distinct Kung Fu Styles

Monkey Kung Fu

– Lost Monkey: The primary focus of lost monkey style is that one tricks the enemy by acting to become confused and ‘lost’. One ought to retaliate once the opponent is least conscious from the moves.
– Crafty Monkey: This style is simply lie the above mentioned, however, working out is various. In this style, the enemy is lured to attack by faking emotions. Only if the enemy drops his guard, should the attacks be made.
– Wooden Monkey: Rage and ferocity are the qualities depicted within this type of style. Bringing down the enemy by means of grappling is definitely an important mechanic of the style.
– Standing Monkey: This style can also be referred to as tall monkey and focus is positioned on keeping your body straight. Targeting pressure points is another feature of standing monkey.
– Stone Monkey: Within the stone monkey style, the one who executes is prepared to get hits on the body in exchange of the opportunity to give blows on fragile spots of the enemy. You should be alert to search for weak spots without having falling to the temptation of hitting at open spots.

Tiger Style Kung Fu Styles


The principal focus of tiger style kung fu methods are extensive footwork, acrobatic movements, a wide stance, as well as an unique fist position. In this fist position, thumb should be curled inside a manner similar to that of other fingers from the hand. Generally the thumb is wrapped around fingers. But, within this position, it need to just be curled. The technique brings the individual who execute this kung fu to understand their intrinsic prowess with sufficient training.

Dragon Style Kung Fu Techniques

Motion which are quick and potent may be considered a vital facet of dragon style kung fu. The various clawing, fist and palm styles receive priority in comparison to jumps and kicks. The dragon styles which is also referred to as as ‘Lung Ying’ employs different methods in crippling the enemy to such an extent that he just isn’t able to obtain up anymore. Damaging or targeting the joints from the enemy is also one of the primary methods of dragon style.