Introducing Solid Foods: When, What, and How – Part Two

Safe Toddler (One Year and Older) Feeding Tips
* Avoid stringy foods such as celery and string beans.
* Pick out fish bones before mashing fish. In canned salmon,Introducing Solid Foods: When, What, and How - Part Two Articles mash the bones.
* Safe and natural frozen teethers are bananas or any melt-in-the-mouth frozen food.
* Avoid commercial white-bread preparations; they form a pasty glob on which baby could choke.

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* Spread nut butters well, instead of offering baby a chokable glob.
* Check the chunks. Babies’ front teeth are for biting only. The molars — chewing teeth– don’t appear until after the first year. Babies still gum rather than chew.
* Offer finger foods only under supervision and when baby is seated, not when reclining or playing.
* Scatter only a few morsels of finger foods on baby’s plate or tray at one time. Too much food in a pile encourages whole-handed gorging rather than individual pickup bites.
* Hot dogs are neither a nutritious nor safe food for babies. A bite of a whole hot dog is just about the size of a baby’s windpipe, and baby may choke. Healthy nitrate- and nitrite-free hot dogs are a favorite of toddlers, and they can be safe if sliced lenghwise in this, noodle-like strips. Even these