How To Set Up A Blog

If you’re curious about how to make a blog and are trying to figure out what the best method to create a blog is-then you have arrived at to the right article! I’ll help you decide on which method(s) to use to build your blog depending on what kind of blog you may desire, whether you desire to earn income from it, and how much time/effort you want to allot to creating your blog.Subjects that I will help you with will be:
Whether to use a hosted blog site (like or or to use a blog platform (like, Typepad, Blogsmith, Movable Type).
Comparisons between hosted blog sites–Blogger vs.
Comparisons between the blog platform to additional blog platforms.
Why/Why not you should study some HTML, CSS, or some Programming.
What’s the best option to earn income with a blog.
So continue on with this article if you want to learn about making a great blog!Hosted Blog vs. Host Your Own BlogOption 1) Use a shared domain blogA shared domain blog is a type of blog that costs nothing to host. You can design these at,, etc. When you choose this option you’ll be building what is called a “shared domain blog” because you’ll have .blogspot or .wordpress following your blog’s domain name like or Setting up a blog with a hosted blog website is very simple to do and it’s free. You can actually have a blog up and running within a couple minutes if you decide to create a blog with or!Blogger vs. WordPressIf you are debating which shared domain blogging website to set up your blog with you should know that both are very simple to use. I think blogger is easier to use while WordPress makes your blog look better. Also, has nice ways to easily use Google AdSense Ads within your blog so you can make money but WordPress is the best option if you want to customize your blog.Option 2) Pay a Host to Host Your Blog on Their Web ServerIf you decide to use this option you would use a blog platform (like WordPress–*from and not and you pay a web host to place your blog on their servers. So why would you decide to pay to have your blog hosted when you could have it hosted for free at or Actually, there’s several reasons:
You have more control over how your blog is designed.
You have much more control over how you monetize your site (More ways to monetize your site = more ways to make money with your blog!)
You’re blog will look more original-giving you more credibility.
If you are wondering how to create a blog using this way then you’ll be happy to know it is actually pretty easy to do. Blog platforms can be uploaded on a server and set up in a few minutes. There’s instructions on doing this at all of the blog platform’s websites (ex. Set Up Your Blog Using a Host–do this:
Sign up with a host.
Almost all decent hosts will place a one click installation button on their site for different blog platforms (like WordPress, Typepad, Blogsmith, Movable Type)-so just click that and you’re ready to start blogging (it’s that easy)!
*If the host you choose does not give you access to a one click installation option for the blog platform you want to have, follow these steps:
Download a blogging platform (like WordPress (from, Typepad, Blogsmith, Movable Type, etc) from their different websites.
Start a hosting account.
Upload the blog platform you want to the host you signed up with.
Start creating material for your blog!
Wordpress vs. other blogging platforms:I have tried out quite a few blog platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) over the years and in my opinion the best blog platform is WordPress. It is very user friendly, it has many people using it (and updating it and pointing out any problems it has to developers), there are a ton of helpful websites and forums to assist you if are having trouble with WordPress, and there are tons of methods to easily customize your blog. Also, WordPress is venturing out and creating more elaborate components that other blog platforms are behind in. So, if you are thinking you may want to possibly make your blog to look more like a website that includes things like forums, shopping carts, or other advanced aspects–Wordpress is the blog platform you should choose. Also, WordPress one of the most easy blog platforms to create.Should You Learn HTML, CSS, or Programming?If you are using a hosted blog at blogger or WordPress it is not necessary to learn these skills. Studying some HTML will help you customize your blog sometimes but you can always search for a certain code online when you want to customize something on your blog. However, if you set up your blog using a blog platform (like

WordPress from learning a little HTML will definitely go a long way. I wouldn’t suggest you take a long time learning about it however if you develop a very basic skill set you can achieve a lot with your site. *note-you can still make a superb blog without ever teaching yourself HTML, CSS, or Programming.Make Money with Your BlogThere are bloggers that can earn an amazing living form a single blog! However, if your goal is to just blog about your life, a topic, or get the word out about for an issue–than building your blog using a hosted blog site (like or is probably the best option for you. Hosted blog sites are very simple to use and you don’t need to host your blog with a host that charges you. With this option you can just blog and not worry about administrative things. However, if you want a blog that makes decent money than using a blog platform (like is what you should do because blog platforms give you a lot more options to customize your blog, all the ways you can place ads on your site, and what types of features you can use with your blog.It’s my hope this article has helped you realize the ways to make a blog. One of my favorite hobbies is blogging but the great thing about this hobby is that it makes me a lot of money! Surprisingly there are many very basic ways to monetize your blog that will make you money for a long time. If you want to work at home and make money with a blog, about the 5 big downfalls that bloggers fall into, and the ways to decide on a niche for your blog then check out this free report at my website!–from “How To Set Up A Blog”