How To Achieve Targeted Reach Through Banner Ads?

When you run a banner advertising campaign, your strategy should be to achieve as much focus as possible in audience profile and then look for ways to get wider audiences within that profile. You want targeted reach. Let’s look at some ways to achieve a wider yet targeted reach.

Banner advertising methods

Buy ad space on suitable websites

Run an Affiliate program

Participate in a Banner Exchange scheme

Buy ad space

This is the conventional approach to banner advertising and you have to decide on the type of websites that suit your product in terms of content. When the content is relevant, the audience visiting that site is likely to be a focused audience for your products/services.
Given the fragmented audiences on the Internet, each website in a particular specialized area attracts a small audience. Unless you have a major player like in a category like books, you usually have to use a combination of sites to reach a significant portion of your intended target.
You can choose large portals where there is a lot happening – News, business sections, sports, email facility, search engine facility, games, music etc – for instance, a portal like MSN or a newspaper website. Portals attract a larger number of visitors who usually visit to check their email or catch the latest headline news. The visitors to such portals usually cut across demographic barriers and represent all age groups and occupation types. But even on such a portal you can choose the sections that you consider relevant for your brand. This brings focus and given the high popularity of the portal you benefit from the larger audience base within your target group.
Research shows that travel-related advertisers prefer broad reach sites like portals and search engines, while consumer goods companies follow the targeted ad approach, preferring to spend a major portion of their ad dollars on focused content sites and channeling a smaller proportion of their ad budget to broad reach sites.

Affiliate programs

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Affiliate programs revolve around the banner and in the placement of banners at affiliate sites. If you start an Affiliate programs you are guaranteed wider Internet presence among potential customers. Those who seek affiliate programs for their websites look for programs that complement their site content. Your affiliates display your banners, and when visitors clickthrough to your website and buy your product, you pay commission to the affiliate.

You do require a certain amount of initial outlay to kick-start an affiliate program because of the support tools and software necessary to run an affiliate network. There are companies that offer customized affiliate program solutions as well as companies that offer specialized banner creation services.
You can achieve additional sales when you run an affiliate program as well as widen the presence of your brands through banner displays at a large number of affiliates