Getting Attached: What It Means – Part One

Some believe that the best way to achieve the proper fit between parents and child is to practice a parenting style called attachment parenting. This style is a way of caring that brings out the best in parents and their babies. It is, Getting Attached: What It Means – Part One Articles in fact, only recently that this style of parenting has needed a name at all, for it is basically the commonsense parenting we all would do if left to our own healthy resources.

Hazel & Fawn | Missoula MT

Parenting Your Baby

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Hazel & Fawn
Hazel and Fawn

Don’t expect to learn everything at once. Parenting is a learn-as-you-go profession. It takes hands-on experience. These suggestions are just starter tips. From these basics you will grow and develop your own style, one that best fits your baby’s temperament and your personality. Also, there is no way you can completely decide on a parenting style before you have a baby. You have no idea what a baby will do to you and how drastically baby will change your outlook. Determining how much to hold your baby, what you will do when you baby wakes p at 3:00 a.m., and how long you will breastfeed requires on-the-job training. Reserve these decisions until you see what your baby is like. But here are some parenting-style ideas to consider before the job begins.

A few of the ideas shared here may initially sound strange and different from advice you have heard elsewhere. But please do not close your mind. Enter your parenting career with an open mind, or you may set yourselves up for a lot of frustration. The easy baby you are expecting may not be the baby you get. Stay open to new ideas, and then select what best fits your family. In return be assured that everything discussed here has been well researched.