Everything you should know about Orlando wedding photography packages, and things that can go wrong

Right from your dress, to the menu for guests, from wedding arrangements and decorations, to the wedding photography; you seek perfection everywhere. However, things can go wrong, and they do. It is okay!


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Out of all the things about your wedding, the most important decision that you must make is to select the right photographer for your D-day. In Orlando, wedding photography packages range from very affordable to very expensive. You just have to conduct a thorough research and then pick out the best photographer at the best price.


Orlando has a host of admirable wedding venues. In the popular ones like Orchid Garden, Citrus Club, or St. Augustine, wedding photographers help you to get the most untainted and flawless shots of your wedding, which you can cherish for the rest of your life by stealing a glance at the photographs.


What would be included in Orlando wedding photography packages?

  • The various number of events that have to be covered
  • The total number of lens men required on the wedding day who would shoot the whole event
  • The total time (in terms of hours) in which, the whole shoot would be done with
  • Additional charges in case the shoot lasts more than the specified time (As per contract)
  • The total number of photo prints and softcopies that would be delivered
  • In case it is a destination wedding in places like St. Augustine, wedding photographers would be charging for their travel and accommodation too, if they themselves do not belong to Orlando
  • If you need any corrections or touch-up after the photos are delivered, additional fees that would be charged should be mentioned/added


Here is a list of the many things that can go wrong with your wedding photography. Please keep a note, and try to avoid them.

  • The final date: Not finalizing your wedding date, can win you the chance to miss the best photographers in Orlando. No good photographer would save himself for you. There are thousands getting married, remember? Better select a date, and then look for a photographer to shoot the wedding.
  • Your punctuality: If you have fixed a time with the photographer, make sure both the parties are there at that very minute. If you are late by an hour, it can lead to your photographer to lose his cool, and then you’ve had it. Bad photos for life, maybe?
  • Your relatives: You may have told your cousins and friends to take your pictures to post them later on social media sites and so on, but realise that they would be coming on the way of the photographer. He may miss the special candid moment, or other important shots because of your close ones!
  • Don’t select just one photographer: We understand you want to save your money, but one photographer would not really be enough to capture such a huge event! There should be at least three, who would seize your precious moments and turn them into beautiful photos.