Different Divan Beds for your Bedroom and How to Increase Their Appeal

Over the years, divan beds have undergone a vast transformation. Traditional ones are heavy and durable because they are made by using different varieties of wood. The modern day platform beds on the other hand, are more lightweight and convenient thus lending maximum comfort to the user. You can see a lot of European influences in the design of these divan beds as represented by straight lines and bold patterns. Moreover, you will love these unique styles owing to the simple and trendy looks they possess.
Most of these platform beds are designed for practical usage and to provide better comfort as well as optimum support to your body. They also occupy minimum space in the bedroom. With all the options to choose from, it pays to track the different types of divan beds offered in the market nowadays.
Types of divan beds
There are different types of platform beds available in the market. To give you an idea on these items, here are some of the most popular types sold by various manufacturers:
• Japanese divans. The traditional Japanese inspired divan beds had lower elevation and were closer to the ground. It was improvised to make modern day platform beds. These beds share similar characteristics to its earlier counterparts except that they offer better support and higher elevation.
• Accent divans. These are made from wood and have intricate patterns with motifs that lend a classic look to your decor.
• Contemporary platform beds. These are unique in the sense that they combine both the modern and accent styles to lend more elegance to your bedroom.

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• Custom-made platform beds. These ones are preferred by a lot of customers. You may inject your own personal touch whilst decorating these pieces.
• Divan beds with storage boxes. These are easier and more convenient to use as they can be utilised to store a variety of things. They can be specially used inside your children’s bedroom for organising books, toys, game boards and even clothes. They are often referred to as storage platform beds.
How then will you make these divan beds more attractive?
Investing in high quality divan beds can be a sensible decision as they are less expensive when compared to other kinds of beds. They are visually appealing and provide high utility value in terms of storage and functionality. These beds suit all kinds of decor and create space in the room by making the room appear larger. If you have a high ceiling in your bedroom, then platform beds can make a good choice.
Buying high-grade mattresses for your divan beds can ensure greater comfort and ease whilst sleeping and provide excellent support to your spine. You can give a luxurious feeling to the bedroom by using colourful bedspreads and combine them with attractive cushions. You can even check out for some latest designs and styles of divan beds through online shopping stores. Always choose the one that highlights your room’s entire appeal. Budget should not be overlooked as well. Overall, you should make sure that you create a better appeal out of these different types of divans.