Creating Value With Streaming Video Content

Having a corporate or promotional video for your company is often viewed as something of an expensive luxury – useful, but rarely considered to be an essential marketing tool. Whilst many businesses can understand the benefits of having a corporate video, all too often they are put off by the perceived cost and subsequently find it hard to justify commercially. Furthermore, the process of making a video can at times, appear complex and intimidating, with an array of technical terms and processes.

Streaming video provides a number of useful opportunities for maximising the potential of an existing corporate video. And compared to other distribution media such as DVD or CD-ROMs it also offers a cost-effective solution for broadcasting a new corporate presentation to a wider audience.

Although streaming video is certainly not a new concept and has been around for some time, it’s now easier than ever to add streaming video content to your website. The technology required to enable video streaming is widely available, it’s relatively inexpensive and with the dramatic growth in high speed, broadband internet connections, a growing number of internet users can now view high quality, streaming video on their computers.

In this article, leading corporate video & business television producer, John Howarth, explains some of the ways in which streaming video content can be made to work effectively for your business and produce tangible results.

Provide Compelling Content
Try to provide content that creates a real interest for the viewer. Instead of simply informing them of your key corporate values – the typical narrative being ‘how successful we are, the great products & services we offer, our featured clients’ – why not turn the message into something that is actually useful and engaging to watch.

Take for example a company that manufactures kitchen products. Whilst you could produce a video to establish company values by highlighting such areas as quality of craftsmanship and original design of the product, this information is almost certainly available more easily on the web pages. It could be far more interesting for the viewer to provide them with a series of recipes, which feature the products being used in conte

Video is a crucial component for marketing strategy. It helps in building awareness for organizations, assisting prospects to, making decisions, and having a competitive edge over others. The imperative evidence that video marketing works, results in more and more businesses adopting video as the primary marketing tool. This makes a little difficult for your content to stay ahead of others, irrespective of your original content. The solution is to pick the right company for video production in NYC.

Whether you want a promotional video for a new product or getting a movie produced, getting the right producer is crucial to how efficiently your content will perform. To begin your quest, follow the tips to land up at the right video production agency.

Developing content with clear objectives and set a budget

The first step is to note down all the objectives and critical information about your business and target audience. When you have put the details together, it helps you to focus on the key areas. Then, you can start your search with a clear idea of what you want a production company to deliver. The early start on your details can save a lot of time with your search and helps in streamlining the initial discussions.

You will be surprised to know that so many clients start discussing the project without having any specific budget in their mind. If you are not sure about how much budget is essential, get quotes from three or four video production firms to get an idea of market rates.

Creating a list of agencies to approach and detailed discussion.

Another technique is to provide content that is not centrally focused to your company’s core products & services. For example, your company sponsors a sports event or art exhibition. How about showing some clips from the event, with company branding around it? By using more recognisable and popular content, you are creating a wider ‘reach’ for the video, with the added possibility of gaining increased website traffic.

Re-Package Content
Lets say you already have a corporate video, it’s around ten minutes long and you currently distribute it on a video tape format or DVD. The most obvious solution would be to have it transferred to a streaming format in it’s entirety and loaded up onto your website. Whilst a ten minute corporate video sequence may be useful as a backdrop display in a trade exhibition or screened to a captive audience in a conference, it’s often far too long to use as a streaming video clip on your website. Who really has the time to sit and watch a corporate video clip for this length of time? It’s often far more useful to break the sequence down into a series of individual clips or re-edit into a shorter, condensed version that has greater impact.