Cleaning Service: Stop Cleaning Your Home And Let Someone Else Do That

Very few people actually enjoy cleaning or have the time to thoroughly clean their homes every day like they should. It is because of this little fact that the home cleaning service business has flourished in recent years filling in the niche for people who don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves but still enjoy a clean home. If you have joined the ranks of those too busy to clean and are looking for a home cleaning service you need to first decide exactly what type of services are you seeking?

You can have a home cleaning service come in and just do the basics like vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the windows or you can add more tasks to that list to include things like making beds, doing dishes, wiping down the counters, cleaning the toilet and tubs. Bear in mind though that the more extra services you want, the more your final cost will go up. Get a thorough understanding about what your cleaning company considers extras.
When you look at what you want a cleaner to do in your home, you also need to decide how often do you want those services provided? You can ask for extra services once a month as a kind of spring cleaning and go basic the rest of the time or just have the cleaner come in once a week and do what services you feel you need the most.

The only limit to services and days is really what you can afford, want and need in a house cleaning service. The more extras you request, the more the price tag will go up but most companies will also give you a discount for using them on a regular basis and requesting those extra services.

Other scheduling issues that you will need to consider include what time do you want a service to come in? Are you comfortable with a cleaning person being in your home while you’re gone and having a key to your house or do you prefer to be there while the cleaners are there working?

Other concerns to address include cleaning supplies. Some people prefer that the house cleaning company use cleaning supplies that the home owner provides while other clients prefer the company itself supply the cleaning agents. If you have a preference you should discuss this during the interview stage and ask if you get a discount for providing your own supplies.