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In 2020, US e-commerce sales were 21.3% of the total retail sales. Although the number is higher than the ones in the past couple of years, it is proof that physical outlets still contribute a big chunk of total sales. Do you know why you should not overlook offline sales?

1. Maximize Average Revenue Per Customer

Offline sales or face-to-face sales allow you to maximize your average revenue per customer. When customers are shopping online, you can display related products to them. But, when you are selling in person, you can convince them about the benefits of buying complementary products. Customers can experience the relevance of the products in person, and thus, you get a chance to increase average sales.

2. The Ability to Evaluate the Customer

When a customer enters the brick-and-mortar store, your salesperson has the opportunity to evaluate the buyer’s behavior, learn more about his/her body language, understand his/her requirements in detail, and then offer an accurate solution. Sorting through a big product catalog online with search filters may provide convenience to a few shoppers. But, a majority of them prefer the human touch.

3. Higher Authenticity and Perceived Value

A few customers prefer in-store purchases because of the higher perceived value of physical stores. Instead of dealing with a seller over the web, customers feel that offline sales offer a higher value and greater authenticity. Credibility issues reduce when you can meet the seller in reality and evaluate the product in person instead of looking at pictures and videos online. Additionally, customers can save money on shipping by driving down to the nearest store.


4. Faster and More Accurate Feedback

Offline sales allow for faster feedback from customers. An experienced salesperson will draw out meaningful reviews from customers and offer valuable suggestions to improve their experience. If you are introducing a new product or a service, you can decode the customer response and make a few tweaks to improve the offering.

5. Build Long-Lasting Relations and Loyalty

The face-to-face sales technique is an effective way to establish a relationship and build a loyal following. A common fact is that it is cheaper to retain a customer than to sell to a new one. It makes sense if you build a relationship and leave a lasting impression on your customers. It will encourage them to visit your store and buy products often.

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