Car DVD Installation Specialist Speaks Out – Why Audio Fans Shouldn’t Do DIY

One of the widest searched for items by most aftermarket DVD player buyers is a guide with information on how to install a car DVD player.

But this can be the profitable nightmare of car DVD installation experts who have to come in afterwards to tidy up all the bits that the DIY fan missed or fix ‘little shortcuts’ that often turn into big problems if not caught in time.

So what is it that DIY fans are doing wrong?

The common mistakes that first-timers or amateurs make during installation include:

# Overly hasty removal of existing entertainment systems
# Improper Wiring
# Poor connector choices
# Voltage mismatch

** Overly Hasty Removal Of Existing Entertainment Systems **
Most car DVD buyers are often so eager to get their new audio DVD players in that they yank out the old system, cut through the wiring and cabling where possible and, in general leave a horrible mess for experts to tidy up.

Not only does hasty removal make extra work for installers it also prevents the customers from taking their new DVD player with them when they replace their car as the old system is unfit to put back into the car.

** Improper Wiring **
This can often too be attributed to haste and often cause major problems later on. Some more common things that car DVD installation experts see include:

# People working around car interiors: Simply put most first-timers and DIYers do not want to bother with having to remove the seats, carpets and mats to install the wires.

They leave the upholstery in the car when fitting the wires.

It is impossible to do a proper fitment without first taking off the insides because you are invariably left with wires hanging loose.

# People putting source and power wires together: It is also common for beginners to lay the source and power wires together.

This results in inductance, which reduces the amount of currant being carried through the signal cables and drastically limits the capabilities of the person’s brand new powerful speakers.

# Improper earthing: It is important that stereos and car DVD players are earthed, but, if they are earthed too long it will cut down the amount of energy going through the system.

Again this reduces the performance of the audio and video of the unit.

** Poor Connector Choices And Badly Connected Wires **
Novice can also make mistakes with their choice of connectors, that is if they use them at all.

In fact, if there was one thing that car DVD installation experts wanted DIY fans to learn it would be that twisting two wires just doesn’t cut it.
But that’s not all the DIY fan does:

# Remove Factory harnesses: If the car has come with a factory-fitted stereo system, chances are it has a custom wire harness as well. Most users usually snip this off and install the one compatible with the DVD player.

It is actually better to get a wire-harness adapter for the car DVD that fits the car as it will allow for the old system to be re-installed in future.

# Use tape instead of connectors: Most of us having used black tape to hold wires together, while this is good for the short-term and in stable environments it will not work for long durations, as the tape wears off.

In a moving environment like a car it is even more dangerous as it could lead to fires.