Can Knowing The Basics of HTML Boost Your Email Advertising Campaign Response?


Thousands of Internet marketers are using email as a major part of their advertising campaign. This is not the most effective form of advertisement due to the fact that there are lots of websites that offer online email software that allows promoters to reach thousands to millions of prospects using their safelist programs. Due to overwhelming response from promoters to use their lists we now face the issue of Spamming (emailing in bulk or by single mailing,Can Knowing The Basics of HTML Boost Your Email Advertising Campaign Response? Articles about a product/service to anyone who has not specifically requested the information directly from you or flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it).
But no need to fear their is a proper way to reach lots of interested buyers and co-afiliates without becoming black listed as a spammer. You need to deal with companies that will sell you fresh email lists that haven’t been sold to hundreds or thousands of people.

Now stands the battle between Text vs HTML email formatting tactics for the fall 2004. Tests have been conducted and Ross-Simons’ Internet Marketing Director Anne Driscoll said “We tested HTML when years ago just like everybody else, and it was four-times as effective as text. However now we’re testing to see if text can convey an urgency that’s not necessarily there in HTML.”
Turns out it’s “as effective or even more effective than standard HTML” for an urgent reminder that a sale is about to end. “It’s less to do with deliverability and more to do with the way a customer interprets a message,” notes Anne.1
What’s the difference?
When you see colored text, graphics, words that are underlined (besides hyperlinks), bold text, etc., in an email, you are looking at an HTML email message. HTML allows you a variety of ways to format your message text, graphics and color.
A plain text message looks like something written in a basic text editor. Notepad, which comes loaded with your PC’s operating system, is a great editor for sending text messages. Most professionals who send text messages use Notepad to edit their copy.