Before You Connect – Preparing Your Mind for a Successful Online Business

Have you ever noticed that everyone who goes on a journey towards financial freedom has a very interesting story to tell? More often than not, it involves a struggle through hardship, a journey of self- discovery, some kind of enlightenment and then finally success!

The common denominator in the hardship phase is almost certain to seem like it’s all due to external factors. An economic downturn, bad business choices, being hit by a scam, missing a ‘golden’ opportunity, family problems and maybe even too much competition in a certain business niche!

The question here is, “Are these really external factors?”

Economic downturn? Truth is, many new millionaires are made during the worst economic times. Wealth does not vanish, it merely changes hands.

Bad business choices? What were the factors that lead to these choices in the first place?

Hit by a scam? Again, what real factors contributed to the decision to take up this so called “full proof money generating, new business idea”?

The list goes on and on but every time if we dig a little deeper, we can see it is actually our minds at work. Every problem that we face is due to a choice that we made, and every choice that we make is influenced by the way our minds work in handling any given situation.

Our mind is natures’ way of protecting us. It is geared towards helping us to survive and this is really supposed to be a good thing. This is why our minds tell us not to take risks, not to change anything in our current lives, including not changing our financial status! Even if some people get an unexpected windfall, it is almost always a norm to expect some news a few years down the road that they have somehow managed to lose it all. Lottery winners usually fall into this category.

What seems ‘normal’ to the mind is our current state. Whenever we try to conceive a plan to make changes to our financial status, our minds work hard to oppose it at a subconscious level. We procrastinate, we over analyze, we do heaps of research but do not take any action, everything just seems harder….If this sounds familiar, it’s just our minds working on overdrive when it senses a change is about to take place. The example of a lottery winner who loses it all is merely the mind pressing the reset button so that everything returns to ‘normal’ – back to the time before winning the lottery.

Fortunately for us, this very same trait of our minds can be ‘trained‘ to work for us instead of against our efforts to upgrade our lives. Being aware of what is really going on is the key to turning things around. Just by reading this article, this part is taken care of. You now know that we are creating the obstacles ourselves!

However, just being aware is not enough. The next step is to recondition the mind to support instead of holding us back. We cannot change the fact that our mind works by always guiding us back to our ‘normal’ status. But there is nothing preventing us from redefining this ‘normal’ state as being successful and wealthy! This way, our minds always direct us towards success.

Start by examining your past experiences, your background, upbringing and culture. These are some of the factors that shape the perception of what ‘normal’ is to our minds. An incident when we were growing up may have resulted in your mind ‘branding’ being wealthy as bad thing! It can be as simple as hearing a parent repeating that rich people get their money by taking advantage of others.

Minds Over Business

Identify as many of these instances as possible and start reminding yourself that they no longer apply. Commit to doing this continuously and watch as your life start to change.

This article was written to encourage those just starting out in the internet business. The truth is that these ideas can also be applied to other endeavors to move towards financial freedom. All it takes is to have the right mindset!