Basic Lock And Key

Lock is basically a device to protect some physical object. Lock may be mechanical or electronic or electromechanical. Locks are used by people to keep precious things safe. These are also used by people to keep house or other buildings safe. If we see mechanism of locks then we see that lock is normally closed when it is in the rest position. The inside the lock there is key blade in the key blade there are series or grooves or spirals where key go into to unlock the lock. It is not 100 % confirmed that when was the lock invented first. However it is said that about 4000 years ago in Assyria wooden lock and pin lock had been seen. In that lock a key is inserted in it and a bolt is pushed in correct distance in order to unlock it. In 1900 wooden lock were discovered in Egypt. Before that there was perception that wooden locks were found in Egypt in 250 B.C.

As we know locks are either mechanical or electronic or electromechanical. There are different types of locks some of them are pin – tumbler lock, Basic Lock And Key Articles wafer – tumbler lock, warded lock, lever lock, cam lock, disc tumbler lock, cylinder lock, bicycle lock, chamber lock, Zeiss lock, child safety lock, combination lock, bio metric lock, key card lock, level tumbler lock, luggage lock, deadbolt, electric strike, Pad lock, and many more. To open a lock a key is required. A key is a device or a tool that is basically operate the lock or to open it in some cases lock can be open and closed by using a key. Keys are cheaper than locks. Keys provide very easy access. There are different types of keys used for different purposes. Some of the keys are house key, master key, car key, transponder key, double – sided key, control key, four – sided key, internal cut key, Para centric key, abloy key, dimple key, tubular key, skeleton key, Zeiss key, restricted key, Do not duplicate key, key card and magnetic key.

If we take a look at some of the keys then we find they are different. Master key is a key that is single and it operates on many locks. The key is not special key but it basically locks itself in any lock you put it into. Companies have a grandmaster key rather than master key the purpose of that key is same as this key. Car key is a key that is used for car or an automobile. The car key is basically used in car to open, lock and start the car. It also has other uses also but it depends upon the car manufacturer. Some cars have key that have to be scanned by a laser beam or infrared. Control key is a key that is special and it is used in removable core locking systems. These key require a little skill for user who wants to use it. It basically operates a line called shear line which is located above key shear line.