4 Business That Could Use Mini Stackable Acrylic Containers

4 Business That Could Use Mini Stackable Acrylic Containers

One handy type of container that nearly everyone can use is the mini stackable acrylic container. The name pretty much says it all: these containers are made of acrylic, and so won’t break, crack, or peel; they are small, so don’t require the self space of a larger bin or container, and they are stackable, allowing you to maximize your display space by spreading out vertically instead of horizontally.

Every retail business could benefit from incorporating mini stackable acrylic containers into their displays, but you might find that if you’re in one of the following businesses, they’ll solve many of your display issues.

Hardware Stores

These little stackable bins are excellent for some of the small bits that hardware stores sell. Screws, nails, hinges, batteries, seed packets, hooks, small tools, house numbers, and a thousand other small things can be stored neatly and efficiently in these containers. And acrylic containers are see-through, so the customers can simply look through the clear sides to see if the product they need is in there.

Convenience Stores

In a convenience store, one of these little acrylic stackable containers, with two or three bins stacked up, is perfect for holding small items at the food counter, such as creamer, sugar packets, ketchup, plastic forks and spoons, straws, napkins, fountain cup lids, or coffee stirrers. They’re a good choice for this space because these waterproof containers can’t be damaged in a spill. Mini acrylic stackable containers are also excellent for countertops, where they won’t take up much space, but can be filled with impulse buys such as mints, gum, matchbooks, or keyrings.

Office Supply Stores


Offices supply stores are full of small items that might clutter shelves and get lost if they’re not concentrated into some kind of clear plastic storage container. Mini acrylic bins are great for just that kind of thing. Small packs of post-it notes, single pens or pencils, highlighters, jump drives, small boxes of paperclips, brads or staples—any of these can fit right into one of these stackable containers. Some of these acrylic bins will be useful on the shelves, where each item is stocked with other like items, but some will be useful in displaying the office supply store’s version of impulse buys—namely, little tiny packages of office supplies! Few people can resist a novelty sticky-pad or a nice pen sitting in a clear plastic container right at their fingertips.

Candy Stores

Candy stores, of course, can use stackable containers of any kind, because so much of their merchandise is small and loose. Mini stackable acrylic containers are an excellent choice to use as part of a larger display plan. They’re excellent for offerings of loose candy, candy sticks, licorice, or fun-sized boxes. They also make great counter top displays, where they sit right at a child’s eye level, suggesting purchases they might not otherwise have considered.